Global Distributor of Echostar Hardware & Software Video Technologies

WiFi Camera P2P

Peer To Peer (P2P) Video communication software Incorporated into receiver models, allowing for communication with other network devices without complicated network settings.

Net Center

The Net-Center is the access point to the World Wide Web. All Models come with great interactive ability, allowing for access to Movies, Social Media and More.

HD Capability

Receiver Models Come fully equipped with inbuilt High Definition (HD) Technology, fully compatible with latest Player & TV models in the Market.

General Packet Radio Service

Newest GPRS Internet capability for mobile communication using a Sim card that will search out available telecom signals.

Wireless Local Area Networking

Latest Models of Receiver With External and Internal Wireless Transmission Capability. Newest Technology Incorporated into Models For Great Uninterrupted Viewing.


Third & Forth Generation

Latest in Third and Forth Generation integrated Receiver Wireless Communication Technology with full Network Support.

Warranty Included

Full Year Warranty cover with all Receiver models. The cover extends to all technical and software faults occurring withing the 12 month cover period.

Internet Protocol 

IPTV builtin capability allows for  live data to be send to multiple receivers enabling “On-Demand” program delivery through live internet Streaming.